Park side in Shibuya cityyoyogi park

Yoyogi park room

Play plan(Private room)

All seats at pignic cafe -yoyogi park- are small private rooms.
For groups, up to 4 adults can be seated in one room.
For groups of 5 or more, please split into two rooms. It is possible to open the inner walls of the rooms to connect the rooms.

Reservation for Pet&Play plan(Private room)Yoyogi Park

Nov. 2, 2023 OPEN

House of Little Pigsyokohama

Yokohama general seat

Pet&Play plan

Immerse yourself in a casual atmosphere at our living room.
Get up close and personal with our delightful pigs while enjoying our self-serve soda fountain with unlimited free refills.

Reservation for Pet&Play planYokohama

Yokohama private room

Play plan(Private room)

Experience a private escape for up to four adults.
Enjoy the comfort of a private room and get to know our room-exclusive pigs, all while sipping on unlimited free drinks. An optional piggy treat experience for extra enjoyment.

Reservation for Pet&Play plan(Private room)Yokohama

Small farm in Tokyo suburbakiruno

Akiruno general seat

Pet&Play plan

Please enjoy interacting with pigs in a cafe style while sitting in a reserved seat in the living room of the store. You can also go to the ranch area.

Reservation for Pet&Play planAkiruno

Akiruno private room

Play plan(Private room)

You can relax and have a fun time without worrying about your surroundings in a private room where special pigs are waiting for you. You can also go to the ranch area.

Reservation for Pet&Play plan(Private room)Akiruno