About our services

Do I have to make a reservation to get in?
We ask that you make a reservation in advance for use of the facility with pigs. Please use this reservation form → Web Reservation
(You do not need to make a reservation if you only want to take out drinks or sweets.
Can I make a reservation by phone?
We offer web reservations only.
Do you accept payments other than cash?
We accept credit cards, electronic money, and QR code payment.
I’m going to be late for my reservation time due to a traffic jam.
You will be charged from the time you enter. However, please note that we may not be able to provide you seats on weekends and other busy times.
*If you are going to be more than 10 minutes late, please contact us by phone or at the address on the auto-reply email you receive when making your reservation.
Are there any age restrictions?
There are no age restrictions. For safety reasons, please be sure that an adult must accompany children who are in elementary school or younger.
I would like to see other than just small pigs.
We have both small and adult pigs with us. Please ask our staff if you are interested in welcoming (or buying) one.
Is there something to eat in the store?
Please enjoy our exclusive sweets, such as doughnuts and macaroons in the shape of cute little pigs.
For beverages, we offer a variety of soft drinks, including delicious coffee developed specifically for doughnuts.
Take-out is also available. Here are the stores and companies that are cooperating with us
Doughnuts / floresta
Macaroons / Coco Macarons
Can I bring my own food and drink?
Please refrain from bringing in any food or drink.
Is smoking allowed?
Sorry, smoking is not allowed in our store.
Is there a parking lot?
Akiruno: There is a parking lot on the premises. There is also a free parking lot 300 meters away from pignic farm in case the parking lot is full.
Yoyogi-park: No parking available. Please use nearby coin-operated parking lots, etc.
Yokohama: No parking available. Please use nearby coin-operated parking lots, etc.
Can I come by bicycle?
Akiruno: You can also come by bicycle. Please use the bicycle parking space.
Yoyogi-park: No bicycle parking available. Please use nearby bicycle parking lots.
Yokohama: No bicycle parking available. Please use nearby bicycle parking lots.

About how to spend time with pigs

Is it possible to take photos and videos?
It is possible. Please refrain from taking pictures with a flash, as it may frighten the pigs. Also, live video streaming is not allowed as it may disturb other customers.
If you would like to film on Youtube, we have a “filming plan” for you, so please contact us → Inquiry Form
Can I give some treats to pigs?
A limited number of treats (500 yen: tax included) are available for purchase. For the sake of pigs’ health conditions, please do not give them any treats you bring in or sweets you purchase in the store.
Can I carry pigs in my arms?
Some pigs do not like to be held, so please ask our staff if you would like to hold them. They are so friendly that sometimes they sleep on your lap if you stretch out your legs.

About children’s use

Can I bring food and drink for my child?
You may bring in milk for infants or barley tea and so on in special mugs for children under 3 years old. (Please do not bring in any foods or drinks for those who are over 3 years old.)
Is there a space for breastfeeding and changing diapers?
Please let us know, so our staff will guide you.

About our pigs

Do you take preventive measures against epidemics?
We ask for your cooperations to disinfect your shoes in the parking area and the entrance under the guidance of the Livestock Insurance and Sanitation Center.
Do you take care of the health of the pigs?
Under the guidance of our veterinarian and the Livestock Insurance and Sanitation Center, we have thorough hygiene and epidemic prevention management both indoors and outdoors.
Health management is conducted regularly by a veterinarian, and the staff in charge of raising the animals manage their health conditions on a daily basis.
Will the pigs in the store graduate?
They will live happily with their new families. Some pigs become fathers and some become mothers.
Do you have a break time for the pigs?
We take a break to check on their physical strength and health.
The staff in charge of raising the pigs will always check on them, and if they look tired or have any changes in their physical condition, they will take a break in a separate room.
Do pigs get vaccinations for hog cholera and other diseases?
All pigs have been vaccinated. Other vaccines (Japanese encephalitis, circovirus, mycoplasma, and swine erysipelas) are also administered.