About us

We are an animal café
that you can pet with cheerful micro pigs
in a fun for all ages!

pignic farm and micro pigs

Farm-raised micro pigs

Micro pigs at pignic cafe are born and raised on our own farm. They are nicknamed “pig-chan” by our staff and customers.

They are friendly and energetic, having spent their time in a rich natural environment.

The pig-chan in the cafe are bathed regularly, so they do not smell and their fur is clean.

pignic cafe menu

A full cafe menu

We are particular about our food and beverage menu.

Cute handmade sweets made in collaboration with specialty stores are made with plenty of organic ingredients. Children can eat them with peace of mind.

Please enjoy eating and drinking in our cafe.

pignic farm and micro pigs

Micro pig breeder’s direct management

We, pignic, are a breeder who raises micro pigs by ourselves with great care. Because our cafe is directly managed by a breeder, we emphasize the spirit of animal welfare and provide a stress-free environment for our pigs.

If you want to welcome a micro pig into your home or if you are worried about how to care a micro pig, we will help you as a micro pig specialist.

How to Enjoy

pignic petting micro pigs

Petting micro pigs

If this is your first time touching a micro pig, don’t worry. pignic’s pig-chan are very friendly and will come up to you when you sit down.

When you stroke or gently scratch pig-chan, they may lie down comfortably.

pignic マイクロブタをだっこ

Getting micro pigs to sleep

When you are sitting down, sometimes pig-chan may climb onto your lap. They may even go straight to sleep on your lap.

The trick is to sit and stay still. Pig-chan does not like to be chased, so they will approach people who are not moving.

pignic farm and micro pigs

Playing on the farm

Our Akiruno shop has a farm and artificial grass area outside the cafe. The pip-chan running around in the outdoor area are different from those in the indoor area.

pignic Eating sweets

Eating sweets

There are many limited edition sweets available only at pignic cafe. Try our carefully handmade sweets.


pignic cafe

Hourly charge (30-minute increments)

Charges at picnic cafe are based on an hourly rate system for each 30 minutes of stay. In addition, each person is required to order one drink.

Use is by reservation only on weekends and holidays. Available without reservation on weekdays (with priority given to reservation). Please use the web reservation system.

pignic peaple in cafe

The “Hourly charge and drink order is required” system is used in many Japanese animal cafes. In another type of business, karaoke parlors have a similar fee system.

Details on charges are available on each shop’s page.