How to Use

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Our store requires advance reservations. Please make a reservation through our website. (We do not accept reservations by phone.)

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Opening hours

Saturday, Sunday and holidays



Basic Charge


  Adult (13 years and older)
30min. 1000yen
60min. 1660yen
90min. 2320yen
120min. 2980yen


  12 to 6 years old 5 to 3 years old Under 3 years old
30min. 660yen 440yen Free
60min. 1100yen 880yen Free
90min. 1540yen 1320yen Free
120min. 1980yen 1760yen Free
* One drink order per customer is required. (From 550 yen)
* Kids’ drinks (from 330 yen) are available for customers 5 years old and under.
* Customer under 3 years old are not required to drink order. Ordering a drink is optional.
* The price shown includes tax.

Private Room Charge (optional)

  1 room (Max. 6 persons)
30min. 1000yen
60min. 2000yen
90min. 3000yen
120min. 4000yen
* The basic charge for each guest is required to use the room. You cannot enter the room only with the private room charge.
* Private room charge is for one room for up to 6 persons per group.
* The price shown includes tax.